Enchantée, Einstein

Hello P6!

Hier soir, je suis allée à une soirée slam scientifique avec mon coloc (flatmate) Philipp.

Have you ever head of slam?  If not, it’s a type of public poetry recitation, where people perform either their own work or someone else’s.  Here is a French artist who started off in slam, but who is now more of a singer:  A film about him has just been released, too.

The soirée scientifique involved a seven scientists speaking for seven minutes about their research.  Although it was in German, I could still understand the gist of what they were saying and the powerpoints helped too!  One woman spoke about a self-repairing material which might eventually find an application in body part replacements, and another spoke about the CERN project, a couple of male scientists spoke about genetics, there was also someone working on batteries for electric-powered vehicles….

Pendant la première pause, on a rencontré une personne très connue et très cool.  En plus on a parlé en allemand!


À bientòt!



Hop Suisse! Hopp Schwiiz! (Go Switzerland!)


Angus and I went to an ice hockey match on Friday night with a friend of mine.  It was the first time I’d seen this sport live and it was so cool!  As you can see from the ticket, it was Switzerland v Russia playing for their place in the World Championships to be held later this year.

Switzerland got off to a rough start, with Russia scoring the first goal.  Switzerland kept getting close to the goal, but the Russian defence was strong so the Swiss side really struggled to get a shot in.  Even when Russia was one player down for a whole 5 minutes due to a penalty, they kept Switzerland at bay!


Then, amazingly everything changed and Switzerland scored one goal in the second third and another in the final third to win 2-1!


I will definitely be returning to watch ice hockey in the future!

à bientôt,



Un weekend dans le Valais

Bonjour P6!

I hope you enjoyed your vacances de Pâques and you’re ready to get back to learning French!  I had two weeks of holiday from the collège, which allowed me to make the most of my AG and travel to lots of different places in Switzerland.

Most recently I went to Sion, in the canton of Valais, to visit my friend Mélodie.  A canton is like a region, except every canton has its own education system, tax policies, health insurance and policing system – it’s a little bit like Scotland having its own devolved powers within the UK.


The Valais is known for wine production, the castles of Sion and the thermal spas.  Mélodie, Angus and I ticked everything off the tourist list!  Here are some photos:

I have no photos of the spa ( but c’était super.

  • 4 piscines avec des jets d’eau
  • jacuzzis
  • hammam
  • 2 saunas

After, Mélodie and I were so relaxed!  There are another two spas in the area so we will definitely try them out sometime soon!

We also ate the famous raclette (I love Swiss food, by the way: fondue, raclette, rösti… and more).  The first picture below shows everything you need for a raclette.  Do you know the names of all the foods? The machine is called a raclonette.  It’s what most people would use in their homes, although if you’re a big fan of the dish and have a lot of guests, maybe you would use the second machine…

Mélodie and I met through a language exchange programme organised by Fribourg University, me to practice French and her to practice English.  We see each other every Tuesday afternoon to chat, usually for about four hours!  It has really helped me with my fluency in French –  over the last month, for example at after-work apéros (wine & nibbles), and at dinner with Mélodie’s parents, I have been noticing that I can follow conversations and jump in when I want to say something without having to think through my sentences first – it’s almost as if I were talking in English.  Those kind of moments are so beautiful!

And… I even went on a date last weekend in French 😉 Further details may follow… mais ne vous faîtes pas d’illusions! (don’t hold your breath!)





Lac de Thoune


Last weekend Angus and I also took a trip to Thun and Spiez, with two of my friends Odhran and Clara.  These are two small towns in the Bern canton of Switzerland – so I got to practice German a little bit when we needed directions to the train station.

Thoune est une très jolie ville.  The river Aare runs through it and there is also a castle.


After visiting Thun, nous avons pris le bateau jusqu’à Spiez.  It was the most comfortable boat I have ever been on!


Finally, here are some of our photos from Spiez.  It has a little harbour and a church, with some nice views over the town.


There are no definite plans for this weekend yet but I’ll keep you posted if we do something special!

ciao ciao

Anna & Angus


Musée Olympique, Lausanne

Hello P6!

Angus and I took a trip to Lausanne last weekend to visit the Musée Olympique.  I was inspired to go by one of my students. He gave a presentation about the requirements that a country must meet in order to host the Olympics, and why he thinks Switzerland should not apply to host them.  I wanted to see how the Olympic organisation tells the story.

We travelled by train to Lausanne, I recently bought the abonnement général or AG as people usually call it.  It’s a travel pass which gives you unlimited use of all transports publics in Switzerland, including some ski lifts, for a whole year.  Yes, it was très cher, but now I feel like I travel for free all the time and it really gives you much more flexibility in terms of where and when you travel.

Voici some of the photos from the day:


Have you ever visited an Olympic site?  Or a site that was used in the Commonwealth games when we hosted them in Glasgow in 2014?

à bientôt!



NEIGE ! Schnee auf Deutsch!

Hello P6!

Comment ça va?  How were your vacances de Noël?  I know they seem like a long time ago now !

I came back to Scotland to spend some time with my family, but it was great to get back to Switzerland, especially because the night I arrived back in Fribourg it was snowing!  It was so thick on the ground that I couldn’t see exactly where the pavement met the road, but it was late so there were no voitures anyway.

The next day I met up with one of my friends to explore Fribourg in the snow, here are some pictures.  It looks like Nessie might have travelled to Switzerland too…  It’s only snowed one more time since then, which has surprised me!

Then, at the end of January,  I had a couple of friends over to visit.  My friend Soo came for a couple of days before going back to South Korea – we shared a flat for six months in Spain.  Then another old flatmate, this time from when I was in Glasgow came for the weekend.  We visited Bern on Saturday, and on Sunday we took le train et le bus à Les Paccots, une petite station de ski.  Neither of us can ski so we just went to admire the views and get laughed at by all the skiers.  It was a great day though, we had so much fun.

As you can tell from the title   my German is coming along too.  At first it was really difficult to learn because I didn’t know any vocabulary, and it’s not similar to Spanish or French so I couldn’t exactly guess and hope for the best!  But now, having persevered for a few months, I am starting to get to grips with it and I feel like I can actually communicate – maybe I will start speaking to Philipp, my German flatmate, in German now.  So, if you ever feel like you’ll never know enough French…. just keep going!  You’ll get there!

Ciao ciao

Anna & Angus


Un weekend à Paris

Bonjour P6!  Ça joue?  (That’s what we say in Switzerland a lot of the time instead of “ça va?”.)  In this blog post I’m going to tell you about my trip to Paris with Angus a couple of weeks ago.

I went to visit my copine, Noémie.  Elle habite à Paris.  Voici notre plan:

vendredi soir                      aller en train à Génève et prendre l’avion

samedi                                 visiter tout Paris

dimanche matin                prendre le petit-déjeuner et se relaxer avant de repartir pour Fribourg

We managed to visit a lot of places on Saturday…. how well do you know Paris?   Do you recognise any of these buildings?img-20161208-wa0007img-20161208-wa0039jkjkIMG-20161208-WA0015.jpgIMG-20161208-WA0004.jpg





I have been studying French for 10 years and it was my first time in Paris!  I’m sure I will be back soon, it was so much fun.  I felt so French the whole weekend, talking in French and eating French food: baguette, croque-madame, omelette aux champignons, raclette (this is also a Swiss dish).  Here are a couple of photos: IMG_20161203_134915.jpgIMG_20161203_135725.jpg I hope you enjoyed all these photographs!  Have any of you ever visited Paris?  What about other parts of France?

à bientôt and JOYEUSE NOËL!!